The Gun Guys Reviews is dedicated to bringing you quality reviews of guns, gear and services.  

The Guys:

Alan – Former Infantry, Creator of MyGunDB, and a new husband. Likes shiney stuff.

Tom – Head of Business Relations for MyGunDB, gun enthusiast, and Pointer-outer of practicality.

Ryan – Former Scout, Product abuser, drinker of whiskey.  Always wants to shoot at products we are testing.

David – Texan , though we don’t hold that against him. The numbers cruncher when it comes to gear.

Adam – Marine, mechanic, teacher, and best damn Pissed off Sargent Voice I’ve ever heard.

The Dad:  Alan’s father who pointed out that us ‘young whippersnappers’ need someone older with a more  mature point of view  to keep us in line.  Sometimes a product will affect old mature individuals differently so he’ll be happy to smack us  point it out during our reviews.