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Excellent 2 Stage trigger with short reset, no pre-travel, and a crisp break. Perfect for a DMR or target rifle, but not recommended for a HD/Duty rifle.

CMC-2stageOne of the most common upgrades people look for is a new trigger.  There are dozens and dozens out there to choose from.  Not all triggers are created equally, nor are they all intended for the same purpose.  2 Stage Triggers are an excellent choice for a DMR or target rifle as they allow you to stage your trigger so you know exactly where the breaking point is, giving you a light breaking pull while still helping to prevent accidental discharges by giving you all that ‘creep’.  When we received a new CMC 2 Stage drop in trigger, it immediately went into a scoped .308 AR for testing as we are huge fans of their single stage versions.

The 4lb CMC 2 Stage trigger, 2lb for each stage, is a single drop-in unit like their other trigger lines so it is easy to install; it is a one piece unit so no more fiddling with springs and all that.   You may need to pull out your selector switch to make it fit, but otherwise it just drops in.  Instead of normal trigger pins, it comes with its own anti-walk pins – basically a screw goes into each end of the pins and that stops them from coming loose.  That’s it – nothing else is needed for installation.

The good news is that the trigger is easy as pie to install.  The downside is that the single unit design makes it so there is no way to adjust trigger pull, so make sure you get the pull weight you want when you order your trigger.

Once installed, the trigger functions flawlessly.  The flat trigger is very comfortable and helps make sure you pull straight back.  Some people prefer curved triggers so your mileage may vary, but I’m a fan of flat triggers on my longer ranged rifles. Combining the straight pull of the flat trigger with the silky smooth movement of the trigger and the super crisp trigger break is the perfect combination for accuracy.

The reset on the trigger is very short so you don’t have a lot of trigger movement between shots.  The first stage is very smooth, requiring just 2lb of pressure before the trigger is moved to the second stage.  Another 2lb of trigger and your boomstick goes off.  Light enough to prevent jerking and keeps the rifle movement down, but heavy enough that you won’t set off the trigger until you actually want it to.

This is a great trigger.  Priced higher than the CMC single stage trigger, this 2 stage one is worth the extra cash – possibly.  It comes down to your usage and preferences.  For home defense or a duty gun?  No. A single stage will be your best bet, most likely.   But if you are trying to put rounds into a single hole on paper, or other situations where you want to reduce any jerking of the trigger and minimize rifle movement for pure accuracy, this may very well be the trigger for you.  It’s pretty fast if you need to dump rounds, but the ability to know exactly where your break point is the biggest benefit of this trigger.

Well done CMC, this is a trigger that should at the top of everyone’s shortlist.

Excellent 2 Stage trigger with short reset, no pre-travel, and a crisp break. Perfect for a DMR or target rifle, but not recommended for a HD/Duty rifle.

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