KAC 600m Folding Micro BUIS set

Knights Armament Company:
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600m folding rear and micro folding front
150 each sight

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Amazing folding backup iron sights that take up very little space, are accurate as hell and durable enough for our combat troops and need no tools to adjust -- I'll stake my life on these.




KAC 600m BUIS – Wow!

I’ve used a lot of BUIS.  I’m a big fan of iron sights, and I prefer folding BUIS on all my ARs. I’ve been running my Knights Armament Company Micro 600m sights for about 7-8 months now, and these are hands down the best folding BUIs I’ve used overall (except in real low light).

First impressions:

Small, light and solid.  I was worried about the durability of these sights when I first saw pictures of them, but pictures just can’t do them justice.  In hand, they are very solid.  There is no doubt that these are meant for combat, plain and simple.  Nothing is weak, nothing feels fragile, and nothing to distract you from your sight picture. The peep hole is small, as it should be.  These sights are meant to be used out to 600m — without worry of holding over.  How you ask?  Well, that’s the cool part of the rear sights:  it has a simple to use 200-600m dope wheel.  Turn the sturdy tube dial that forms the base of the rear sight with the peephole on top and select the distance and shoot.  It’s that easy and fun.  And how about the front micro sight?  Well, not only can you adjust your elevation in the field without tools (just turn the dial) but it has a very, very thin front sight post that covers up little of your target when aiming. Toolless adjustments, and a 200-600m dope dial, low profile and compact? Yeah, pretty much everything I’ve been wanting in BUIs.  I’m in love.


Wow.  The tight peephole and tight tolerances make this an accurate pair of sights.  I’ve only used them out to just over 300m due to where I can shoot around here, but I had no issues with them. The thin front sight post helps you be accurate since you can see more of your target, and you can dial in the distance of your target when needed.   I definitely shoot tighter groups with these than any of my other iron sights. These are distance accuracy iron sights, not speedy – if your RDS goes down in CQB, you’re going to have issues with any Tangos coming at you real close using these.  Well, that’s pretty much always the case, but moreso with these.  The same goes with low light; with the small peephole, you’re going to need more light.

Combat Worthiness:

The dials all lock solidly into place and take much more than casual pressure to turn them.  They aren’t going to get nudged out of the proper settings.  The mounts are just as solidly built and aren’t going to work loose under recoil or from being banged around.

The weakest point would seem to be the rear adjustable sight post, but it’s just as durable as the rest.  It isn’t going to break, bend or come loose.

On top of all that, these are so low profile and compact that I wouldn’t worry about them snagging on anything in the field.

These are the sights I wish I had on my rifle when I was wearing Green.  I was damn rough on my service rifle, but these can take the abuse.


  • Application – 200-600m meter elevation adjustments
  • Weight – 1.5oz
  • Length – 2.21″


I love these. I really do. Unless I’m looking for sights specifically for use in low light situation, I will put these on every AR I build.  If you need BUIS that are adjustable for accuracy out to 600m, look no further. Did I mention I love these sights?IMAG1289





Amazing folding backup iron sights that take up very little space, are accurate as hell and durable enough for our combat troops and need no tools to adjust -- I'll stake my life on these.


  1. Hi. Are there ANY OTHER front fold down BUIS sights which may be used w/ the KAC micro rear? I have a rear and now need to decide what front to buy for my Adams gas piston carbine.

    Thanks for your time and expertise.


    • Sure – any will work. Troy, MI, even Magpul. In fact, while My AR15 has the full KAC set, my AR10 has the KAC rear but a Magpul front until the wife raises my allowance so I can get a new front sight.

      Just make sure you get a proper height front sight meant for how you are mounting it (gas block mounted or handguard mounted). As long as that is correct, it will work with the KAC rear. I recommend looking for a thin front sight post for the front sight since the KAC is a long distance sight. Hope that helps! — Alan TGG

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