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Holy crap, this thing just WORKS. It is truly amazing how well it will keep your barrel in place without any movement from recoil. If you aren't concerned about the potential for some additional muzzle flash and you want to make your recoil 0, get this compensator.

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The Dragon – Why you need one

When I first heard of the Lantac Dragon, it was via a friend giving me a link to a video of it in action – showing a full auto mag dump in slow motion (Note:  The video is at the end of the review).

The barrel didn’t move.  No muzzle rise.  None.  Zilch.  Nada.

I was like “What??? No way. That’s ridiculous.”  Then my buddy told me the price – $125. I was like “What??? No way. That’s ridiculous.”

Despite the high price tag , I decided I had to grab one and give it a shot, figuring I could sell it once I found out it didn’t work as well as expect, or if it just wasn’t worth the cash.

That was 6 months ago — and I’m still using it. Here’s why.

First Impressions

The Dragon compensator comes with a crush washer, and some Froglube and simple packaging with instructions. In a nutshell, take off your old muzzle device, put on the new crush washer and put on the Dragon, making sure to align it properly with the top holes in the 12 o’clock position. Simple enough. The next step was to shoot the thing.

I went out to my local range club with my buddy and sat down at the bench to zero my sights – my rifle at the time had a scope, a micro red dot and BUIS (the micro was a non-QD 45 degree mount, and is normally just for when the scope is mounted). That is a lot of sights to zero, so I brought a lot of ammo. Good thing too, as you’ll see.

When I first pulled the trigger, I jumped. I’ll admit it. I was expecting a little change in the soundLanTac dragon top of the round firing but the LanTac Dragon made it a much different sound. Louder a bit, deeper a bit — not a huge difference but enough that the round did not sound like a typical 5.56 going off.

It doesn’t make it sound like a .308, but it doesn’t sound like an AR exactly any more. I noticed a few people look over with eyebrows raised, curious as to what I was shooting.

12 rounds later and I was zeroed for my irons. I stood up off the bench and swapped magazines. I looked over at my buddy and grinned before proceeding to do a mag dump. There was 0 muzzle rise and the recoil was straight back. It feels slightly odd at first when shooting it for the first time, but the end effect is that my barrel didn’t lift and all my rounds were tighter than I ever had doing a mag dump, by far. When the last round ejected, all I could hear was manic laughter from my buddy standing beside me.

“Dude! Holy shit, man! Dude! Holy shit, man! Dude, man! That was amazing!”  That’s all he kept saying. He wanted to try zeroing the red dot for me, so I passed him the rifle. I noticed the whole firing line was watching us with interest. In the middle of zeroing the micro red dot (which is annoying being at a 45 degree angle), I got a tap on my shoulder.

“Hey, uh. Is that a compensator?” asked an older gentleman that was sitting a lane over and hadIMAG0525 been listening to our conversations. I explained about the LanTac Dragon and while doing so, a couple other people walked over to us. And then some more. In the end, 6 people asked to try the rifle – bringing over their own ammo if they had it or offering to give me cash for some rounds to try it out.

Wow says it all

Yeah, the effect is amazing. Nobody could believe that there was absolutely no muzzle rise at all, no matter how fast people fired.

How was this possible? Great design. The holes at the top counteract the muzzle rise by forcing the barrel down at the same rate of the rise, countering the movement. The ports on the side do seem to cause a bit of extra flash, but at the range it wasn’t really noticeable. It was a bit louder to the sides as well, but not enough to bother any of our fellow shooters, so it’s negligible. The extra flash and boom are far less than other brakes I’ve played with.

IMAG0526The ability to dump rounds on target without the muzzle rising means all your rounds are hitting perfectly on target. It’s insane. I’ve played with a lot of compensators over the years but wow. Just wow. I won’t be putting any other one but a LanTac Dragon on my rifles.

Can’t wait for the .308 version!

The Breakdown:
Muzzle Control:
Fit and Finish:

We liked this Brake so much we contacted Lantac and now offer it in our online store!

Holy crap, this thing just WORKS. It is truly amazing how well it will keep your barrel in place without any movement from recoil. If you aren't concerned about the potential for some additional muzzle flash and you want to make your recoil 0, get this compensator.


  1. I saw the video, read the reviews and started thinking. I have a Rock River Arms PDS Pistol with a Burris Fastfire III on a American Defense QD mount. Great setup if I’m using the Israeli sling method. With out it the recoil sometimes caused me to ” lose the dot” for a second. That second could be a big problem unless your shooting paper. So then the marriage happened. My desire for an SBR was slightly satiated! The movement of the firearm became a big vibration! With the Lantac I wouldn’t lose the dot even if I was shooting one handed. The speed and confidence that I could engage metal targets at 25 yards became carbine like. My range toy became my go to middle of the night gun. This technology may render the Sig brace unnecessary. Two thumbs up for Lantac!!!!!

    • Yes, it will absolutely help keep your Fastfire on target without losing your sight picture. BUT… I wouldn’t say it would render the Sig brace unnecessary – what the brace helps the most with in your situation will be keeping the exact same sight picture every time you aim your AR, just like your normal cheekweld helps with that when you shoot a rifle. Unless you shoot with the buffer tube against your shoulder, in the same spot, it could change each time. And if you do shoot with the buffer tube against your shoulder, the Sig brace will be WAY more comfortable 😉 Just my $.02 — Alan TGG

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