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Works well, comfortable, secure and even looks good. Very inexpensive option for a nice ambi switch. Excellent choice if cost is a major priority for you.

SI HEX 60 Degree Ambi Selector

Inexpensive Ambi Selector switch

Sometimes I shoot left handed.  Not often anymore, but it’s a holdover from my Infantryman days of shooting around barriers.  It’s a pain using my left hand and trying to flip my selector with my trigger finger, so I finally decided to get an ambidextrous selector.  The problem is that they usually aren’t cheap and my wife hasn’t raised my allowance in awhile.

My Solution:

Browsing around, I came across Strike Industries and their accessories. I saw they made an ambi selector in both 90 and 60 degree throws.  I decided on the 60 degree for a shorter throw.  I worried about the length of the ambidextrous switch since I have an YHM Extended Takedown pin, but took the chance anyway and placed my order.

Customer Service:

When I placed the order, the payment method I chose meant I didn’t have to make an account on their site.  The problem was that I couldn’t check on the order of the status to see when it shipped.  I sent them an email and get a very helpful response within minutes.  Good Customer service.  And yes, they shipped reasonably fast.

Installation:SI HEX 60 degree ambi selector

The parts came but had no instructions.  Nor allen wrench, nor blue locktite. Would have been nice, but it was just a barebones package of parts – 2 screws, 2 switch ends and the selector mount.

The switch ends have a little nub that sticks out and fits into the slot on the ends of the selector mount.  Installation was simple:  I unscrewed my pistol grip to loosen the detent pin, put a switch end onto the end of the selector mount, and tightened the screw to lock the switch end tightly into place.  I’ll eventually put some locktite on the screws, just in case. Then it was just a matter of sliding in the selector mount and reattaching the pistol grip.  Once that was done, I attached the other switch end and was finished.


There is a little bit of play in the selector versus the one originally on my Head Down PV-13 rifle, but not nearly enough to give me pause.  The switch works well and has positive engagement when thrown.  You can feel the detent pin lock in solidly when the switch hits the Safe or Fire positions.  It operates smoothly and isn’t difficult to throw with either hand, nor with thumb or trigger finger.  The short throw is nice and I don’t think I’ll go with another 90 degree switch in the future.

My worries about my YHM extended pin interfering was unfounded – it doesn’t get in the way at all for me.

SI HEX Ambi 60 parts


  • 60 degree single or ambi
  • Quick throw at 60 degrees
  • Machined, heat-treated
  • Custom HEX design
  • Groove cuts for secure grip


I like this switch.  I wish it didn’t have the wiggle play, but again it’s not bad and won’t really detract from the switch.  It looks decent, works awesome and feels solid.  I also am used to little wrenches being included with accessories, so it was a little bit of a letdown to have to look for a small enough wrench to use for installation.  I’ve done this a lot of times, but including instructions for those who have never replaced a selector switch would have been nice.  And a little thing of blue locktite would have been helpful too.

UHM Extended Takedown Pin and SI Ambi selector

That said though, those extra parts would have raised the price.  At $24.95 for the ambi version, or $19.95 for the Standard, it’s a great deal for what you get.

I will be buying more for other rifles in the future.





Works well, comfortable, secure and even looks good. Very inexpensive option for a nice ambi switch. Excellent choice if cost is a major priority for you.

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