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Easy to install, provides excellent grip and is very comfortable.

I’m not a Polymer gun kind of guy in general — I prefer the dense, balanced form of a solid metal gun like my BHP or 1911. My one exception is the S&W M&P series; I have a Shield 40, a 45 Compact and a 357/40/9 fullsize. AWESOME guns. My only issue with them is the grip — polymer is just not grippy enough for my tastes. My BHP, Colt 1911 and Ruger MK III all have Pachmayr rubber grips and I love them, but the best I could do for my poly guns was a Hogue sleeve and I don’t like how it feels. So I began researching grip tape.

Talon Grip for M&P I kept coming across Talon Grip tape as the only real rubber tape to use — everything else I found was sandpaper grit tape. I don’t mind grit tape but it’s not what I want on my CCW gun, where it can be up against my skin. That meant rubber.

I ordered the rubber tape and it arrived in 3 days (no tracking number for the shipment). It came with instructions, a sticker, alcohol wipe, tape for the grip and a piece for the bottom of my magazine (though it took me a minute to realize what it was for as it isn’t mentioned in the instructions).

The tape for the grip looked kind of like a spider. It was easy to figure out how it went on — wipe the gun down with the alcohol and then just start with lining up the cutout holes with the medallions embedded in the grips. It was very easy to adjust alignment as lifting and adjusting the tape does not reduce stickiness. Once aligned, I slowly wrapped the grip around to the other side, making sure there were no bubbles and overlapped the tape on the backstrap.

Talon Grips recommend trimming the part that goes over the backstrap to prevent it from overlapping — overlapping the rubber increases the chanced of it peeling though apparently it doesn’t matter with the grip tape. The way I did it was I overlapped them and then simply used an exacto blade to cut it straight down the middle of the backstrap, then simple removed the excess top piece and the piece under the flap. That made both sides meet flush.

Once that was done, I followed the instructions and used a hair dryer to heat up the tape (thankfully my fiance has one since I’m a bald guy) and gripped the firearm — I did that several times to mold the tape to the gun. Once you do this, the tape will not be going anywhere any time soon!

Piece of cake! Took me a whole 3 minutes to do perfectly the first go. And man, the stuff LOOKS badass on it.Talon Grip tape on my pistol

Putting the strip of tape on the magazine basepad was even easier since it’s just one small strip.

Now, how well does this tape work? Rock Solid. That pistol is going nowhere while I’m holding it! The rubber grip is rough, but not overly so. The texture is kind of like the stippling pattern on the M&P backstraps, and the rubber is not slick at all.

I’m so impressed with this stuff that I immediately went back online and ordered another set for my M&P 357/40 Fullsize. My only original complaint was that they did not have tape for the 45 Compact, only the 45 fullsize — the 45c is my alternate carry from my Shield so not having this stuff on it was a bummer. I asked them about tape for the 45c and ended up helping test tape on the .45c, which they now have available. ┬áVery responsive!

All in all, I’ll be buying more for my other guns.

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Easy to install, provides excellent grip and is very comfortable.